Why would you need us?

If you hire frequently - let's say you hire throughout the year,  you would probably need an entire team to support the process. Working with Tezra can give you the same convenience in the most cost efficient way.

If you hire infrequently - let’s say you would need to hire just once or twice in the whole financial year, and you certainly don't require a huge in-house staffing team to complete your hiring process, Tezra can be the extending arm in screening the candidates and guarantee the right fit with minimal time and you pay only when the candidate joins!

Understanding the need - While job boards can fetch you a huge number of profiles, but cannot suggest the right one. We believe in completely understanding the requirements of the specific job so that we can get the right fit for that position with just a few candidates. Quality over Quantity!

Cost of doing business - We do not charge any upfront fee. Tezra will take a percentage of the Candidate’s annual salary only if the candidate joins you. Thus no payment if no results.

Grab the attention of the candidates for you - With 21% active users on Facebook, 32% on Instagram, 24% on Twitter, 31% on Pinterest and 29% on LinkedIn. According to reports Facebook can reach the target audience faster compared to other platforms. The use of hashtags on Twitter has proved to be more efficient in reaching passive candidates  – we definitely do not underestimate the power of Digital Marketing. Each of these platforms have something unique to offer and can leverage to reach the specific audience required.

Advantage of having Tezra Recruiters -  Tezra recruiters work with a dozen of Clients at any given point of time which require support for diverse positions such as for Technology, Accounting, Sales, Marketing etc. Thus we can provide hiring support for a variety of open positions. Surely an internal recruiter can do the same, but an internal recruiter can hold a database of variant skilled candidates applying to your company, whereas since Tezra works for different clients, our database can be a mining spot! 


​Tezra has been our strategic partner in helping us to fill the staffing needs, they are amazing in delivering their services to us. We never ever get such prompt service from any other staffing consultants so far.  

The professionalism, customer-oriented approach, unique style, and dedication reassure me that they will strike with the right talent for any niche requirements. They are young, energetic budding stars, I will highly recommend Rajesh and team at Tezra.

Ravishankar S​,

Senior Human Resource,​

CES IT Chennai​


​​"Rajesh and the Tezra team made it their mission to best understand the detailed requirements of the role and work actively with me and the hiring team to help us find the right fit candidates. They were patient in dealing with all our requirements, handling delays and everything in between. And they continue supporting us as we grow our team"

Pallav Singh, ​

Co-founder and CEO,​

 Kruzr  ​​​​


"It has been fantastic working with Divya and Tezra for our recruitment needs. Having a dedicated recruiter taking care of our needs helped in quick turnaround for all our requirements. Tezra has deep knowledge of the IT sector and its recruitment process. They precisely understood our needs and helped us find great candidates. With Tezra, we were able to accomplish our recruitment goals with ease.Overall, they have an amazing team, provide the best customer experience and deliver impeccable quality. I will definitely recommend using their services."

Arun Kumar,

Co-founder & CTO,


Client Testimonial

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Our Clientele

We are focused on helping the world's best companies, develop the world's best leaders by helping them design and develop a true culture of leadership. Our individual clients include CEOs, entrepreneurs and other public figures. On the corporate side, representative clients served by the Tezra team include global brands like:  

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